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I have a large number of books to sell, so I will be supplementing this list (these lists) weekly for quite some time. I have tried to make this as easy as buying from a bookseller, but there are inevitably complications, one being that I spend five days a week in the library.

Books are listed by title, author, (sometimes series,) publisher, and year. If you would like more detailed publication or descriptive information, please contact me. Books not marked paperback (pb) have hard covers.

Condition: books may include light marking in pen or pencil and/or a glued in or embossed bookplates (if you would like more detail about a particular book, just ask). Books marked “ex. lib.” may have stamps or stickers in or on them. “Like new” means just that. The book may be quite old. It might show evidence of having been taken off a shelf and returned to it. It will be as if it had not been read. Dust covers will be described if they are less than very good.

Books will not be in alphabetical order but will be divided into rough categories. For now, the categories are simply Medieval (all disciplines) and Non-medieval (a hodge-podge). Later on there will be other categories, which should make finding what you are interested in much easier.

Pricing, too, is ultra-simplified. All book prices include postage, and prices will be only three (with possible later refinements): $10, $20, $30. I will accept payment ONLY by check or via PayPal. I will ship your book (USPS) within three (3) days of receipt of your PayPal payment or of your check (I trust that the check is what it purports to be.) Please contact me if (1) your book is not received within a reasonable length of time or (2) you are in any way dissatisfied with your book or books (


So, if you find a book or books you would like to have, send me an email with the book title, your name and postal address, and your desired method of payment.

If you choose to pay with PayPal, I will email you a PayPal invoice, which you can pay simply by clicking on it. Then I will ship your book out to you.

If you choose to send a check, emailing me first will guarantee that the book is still available when the check arrives. Send your check to me: Mary-Jo Arn, 2 Carmela Lane, Boston, MA 02124-3708, and I will take it from there.



• Books on Medieval Subjects

• Books on Non-Medieval Subjects